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Smoldering Words

Click Here to view Photos From Skiathos by Workshop participent, Porter Anderson.


From September 9th thru the 15th, the " Erotic Writing & Fiction Workshop" led by internationally known erotic-fiction author, Mitzi Szereto took place in Skiathos, Greece. Click Here to view Photos From Skiathos by Workshop participent, Porter Anderson.

Click Here to view Photos From Skiathos by Workshop participent, Porter Anderson.

This workshop, organized by Zoe Artemis, brought together aspiring writers from the USA and Europe. With erotic-writing workshop pioneer Mitzi Szereto guiding them, all learned how to pull back the blanket on the field of erotic writing and to seek inspiration by incorporating elements from their own surroundings.

Workshop participent, Maggi brings her inspiration to point beautifully in her poem . . .

Miles Between

I am realising now that my view of erotic
Is somewhat obscure an uncomfortable topic

So on leaving the session with homework abound
I walked down the stairs and then about turned

A man dressed in blue with a case in his arm
His eyes twinkled green – he’s no stranger to charm

I made some excuse about leaving my sun cream
I ran back up the stairs my senses all keen

But the man in blue was nowhere to be seen

As I stood there panicking which way do I go?
I heard Miles Davis in the distance, the sound to follow

At the top of the stairs playing out to the night
Stood the man in blue, brass instrument held tight

His lips red with exertion, his eyes tightly closed
The silhouette of his body bent backwards exposed

Unaware of his audience he plays free to the wind
But me, as I watch him, I feel I have sinned.


Although Skiathos 2006 is now but a memory, reservations are now being accepted for the 2007 (July 6-July 13) Greece Writing Retreat Workshop "Imagination Based Poetry" led by Poet Laureate, George Wallace. Click Here for More Details on this year's Writing Retreat!

News, New and Of Note This Summer Zoe Artemis will be teaching a two week Dance workshop (June 9-22) at the Skyros Center on the island of Skyros. The Skyros Center - Atsitsa is an amazing Holiday Holistic Center where Zoe taught many Dance workshops in the 90's. The Dance workshop, entitled 'Ecstatic Dance' will consist of Bellydance, Trance Dance and Expressive Dance.


- View Photos From Skiathos by Linda Graham -

Skiathos Town - Greece

From June 25 to July 2, the "Imagination-Based Poetry Workshop" led by New York Poet Laureate George Wallace took place in Skiathos, Greece. Click Here to view Photos From Skiathos by Workshop participent,Linda Graham.

This first workshop, organized by Zoe Artemis, brought together aspiring writers from the USA and Europe to discover the inventive approach to creative writing and to develop a non-ego based writing style, learning to reach into deeper truths about their own nature and experiences.

Workshop participent, Rhonda Ward sums up her experience beautifully in her poem . . .

So Long Skiathos

So long Skiathos.
So long Aegean Sapphire.
So long boats large and small docked along the brick boardwalk.
So long boat pilots rising early hawking rides to tiny isles.
So long Athens ferry with your sudsy wake stretched out behind you.
So long grainy sand beaches, tavernas, umbrellas.
So long clay roofed houses nestled in the hills.
So long rooftop of the Pension Lazoy, best view in Skiathos Town.
So long cherry-vodka cocktails at five p.m.
So long Nescafé, Greek coffee, cappuccino.
So long Vasiliki with your outstretched arms and ready smile.
So long Theodore. Thank you for the peaches.
So long Anthe whose name means flower.
So long Vasili and Danilo.
So long Sotos and Maria. Your hospitality warmed my heart.
So long old men at the bottom of the stairs. Kalimera, Kalimera, Kalimera.
So long Zoe. Thank you for bringing us together. I hope you will be well.
So long Jean, lover of dogs and cats and fish and horses. So long you wonderful poet.
So long Geraldine, painting with words, anxious water baby. I'll miss you.
So long Linda with your calm smile and New York style. My door is open to you.
So long Mike. My morning conversationalist and coffee partner. Thanks for all the cheeses.
So Long George, co-conspirator who made me dig deeper, soft-spoken man,
excellent poet who brought us all a "sunder."
Goodby all, goodbye for now. No doubt we'll meet again.


Read work from Workshop participents Linda Graham, Geraldine Green and from Workshop leader, George Wallace.


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