Insomniacathon 2004, On-Line!--

-----David Amram 75th Birthday Celebration!

On Sunday, December 11th 'Ode to the Sidewalks of New York Jazz & Poetry Reading' happened once again hosted by legendary musician, composer, author David Amram & his Trio at the Bowery Poetry Club.

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And with a Gemini Moon rising over The Bowery, the New York stories of Bob Holman, Zoe Artemis, Levi Asher, Susan Buck, Frank Messina, Jean Lehrman, Katarina Tepesh, Michelle Esrick & others came to The BPC stage as they shared their ongoing love affair with her Royal Highness --- NEW YORK and celebrate one of her shining Sons, David Amram.

Insom framesters, Jeremy Hogan and James Walck were there snapping stills and shooting video and here's the PhotoBook of this wonderful Sunday Evening of Jazz, World Music and Spoken Word! Click Here to View!


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I Once Was A French Horn

Bob Holman brings a PraisePoem forth for David to kick off the festivities at Ode to The Sidewalks of New York!

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I Wanna Hear Poetry

Frank Messina gets right to the Heart of the Night with his implore.

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63rd Drive Regal Park

Levi Asher
tells a story of
being around and bound to town.

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My Bhudda Angel From Chengdu

David Amram tells the tale of a Wife from another Life in his EpiPoem.

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A New York
Love Poem

Michelle Esrick intimates
A Big Love for NYC!

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Michelle Esrick is the director of the documentary on 60's icon, Wavy Gravy entitled "Saint Misbehavin' - The Life and Time of Wavy Gravy"
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Backed by David and the Trio, Xanthi transports the BPC to deep Desert dreams and desires.

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Five Points

James Walck
Penned and in pocket,
this was a poem that didn't make the podium but did make it to page.

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Click Here to view the story of, "My Last Time at CBGB's."
Of Note . . .

After the lOdes to The Sidewalks of New York show at The Bowery Poetry Club, Insom alums, Jeremy Hogan, Frank Messina and James Walck were heading back after a late night post show gnosh and happened into a moment of spontaneous street celebration outside CBGB's. Click Here to view the story of, "My Last Time at CBGB's."

Also Of Note . . .
Back in May at the first 'Ode to the Sidewalks of New York' celebration Photog, Jeremy Hogan was there snapping stills and shooting video.

Click Here to view VidClips and Pix of this wonderful Sunday Afternoon of Jazz, World Music and Spoken Word.

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On Sunday, Feburary 20th, Writer, The Gonzo Journalist, Kentuckian and Friend, Hunter S. Thompson headed on from this world to the next. Click Here to read the emotes, reflects, rants and raves coming in to Insomniacathon On-Line!

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Philip Lamantia, one of the four members of "The Jazz/Poetry Trio" (Lamantia, Jack Kerouac, Howard Hart and David Amram) passed on March 7th. His friend and fellow Trio member, David Amram, looks back fondly with his reflect . . . Click Here to Read. " FOR PHILIP LAMANTIA."

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