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Ron Whitehead


Raven Hair and Turquoise

for Sarah, farewell to our marriage poem
we will always remain dear friends

Through God's or a raven's eyes,
from high above,
the turquoised car is seen
winding southward through
the hunting grounds of Kentucky:

Your soft lips kiss the colored stars,
the red giants, the blue dwarfs,
on my chest. Your tongue draws
a slow line round
the blue, green and yellow lotus flowered
sun at the center of my pyramid.
And as I breathe your raven hair
your tears wash my red and orange lightning
bolts, wash them clean of color and sweat.

My love
these bodies, our home
in this windless place,
prevail for pulsing moments but
pulsing moments like your kiss,
your tongue, your tears,
last forever, and, through God's or a raven's eyes,
from high above,
an invisible force sings like a secret wind:

Our turquoise windhewn
Love shall forever be our palace.


Copyright (c) 2007 Ron Whitehead


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