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Bob "PoorBob" Sushko

-----"PoorBob" Sushko
------------MARDI GRAS ----

Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) is the high point of Carnival followed by the quiet of Ash Wednesday. It is good to remember that Carnival literally means "Farewell to Flesh" (Carnis= LATIN: "flesh" and vale= LATIN: "farewell"). Carnival is a celebration of great excess. It is a time when the flesh and all of the material pleasures that it apprehends are set ablaze in the passion of the moment. The fat, so to speak, is in the fire and one is left with the ashes on Wednesday.

Carnival is usually only thought of in terms of external events and happenings. But the most important of events are internal. Carnival and The Mardi Gras are both external and internal events. Carnival, to be most effective, must take place within the Self as well as on the streets. As the Flesh is pushed to its limits through the pleasures of the streets, so must the Self be stretched to its limits through a willed violation of its "I am THIS/ I am not THAT." Only then can the Flesh and the Self join together and burn brightly enough to produce the Ashes from which Spirit will rise, renewed as the Phoenix.

The Jungian Robert Johnson has described Mardi Gras in a recent interview (Parabola; vol.22, # 2, p. 22) as one of the two Festivals of the Shadow left in the USA; the other being Halloween. In his words, "(they) are highly intelligent ways of honoring the shadow...There used to be many more, but we salvaged only these 2." Le Grande Zombi is the Great Snake of New Orleans Voodoo.

From Le Grande Zombi flows immense power that can be transmited from the Mombo or Houngan to those present at the ceremony.

-----------Marie Laveau - The Voodoo Queen -

----------MARIE LAVEAU

-------------------------------The VOODOO QUEEN

There's much more to Voodoo than the stereotypical witch doctor fiendishly jabbing needles into dolls, and those who dreaded the wrath of a particular woman in old New Orleans would readily attest to that.

The most prominent figure in the true history of Voodoo in America was Marie Laveau, the legendary "Voodoo Queen" feared and revered throughout 19th century Louisiana. The ancient rites of Voodoo -- along with a heaping helping of down-to-earth shrewdness -- propelled her to a profound level of influence among the common folk and the aristocratic gentry alike, a feat nearly unimaginable for a black woman in the oppressive days of slavery.



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"PoorBob" Sushko (guitarist from Frank Messina's Spoken Motion) is a swampin' git-slinger from NJ where he and former SpoMo drummer, Wes "The Professor" Jensen along with Billy "The Reverend" Christiani (StirFried) Jay "JayBird" Roosa and Danny "Doc" Lane (Avalon Ballroom) make up NJ's only Swamp Rock Blues band, PaPa HooDoo. Click Here to learn more about PaPa HooDoo!

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