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George Wallace



Grace happens in the strangest places. I picture in my mind the silouhette of tiny Joan Baez and Jeff Keys, a huge Marine, on the horizon at dusk, he blowing taps on a bugle with the crowd gathered around the crosses of Arlington South.

Grace happens in the face of danger. Deep into the night the pickups fly by with people shouting. There's a rumor that a group of belligerent pro-war people are gathering up a caravan, and have already provoked trouble in California. The community is confronted with a proposal to make it illegal to park, stop or stand on Prairie Chapel Road. Other roads? Mattlage, Homestead, Quiet Valley, Canaan Church, Castle Creek, West Middle Bosque and the other roads around the Bush ranch. ('The roads are the people's roads,' counters an opponent. 'You can't have a de-constitutionalized zone around the President.').

Liberty and justice have to be guarded vigilantly, against threats both from the outside and from within. At a protest rally in Crawford a year ago, five were arrested, though their conviction overturned as unconstitutional. How will the authorities deal with thousands?

And how will they deal with the inevitable hundreds of thousands protesting this war, in Washington?


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--------Click The Pix To View "Diamonds and Rust" VidClip.

I'm thinking of 250 thousand people in Washington protesting Vietnam.

Allen Ginsberg tried to 'levitate the Pentagon' through his peace chants. He was one part delusional and two parts right.

John Lennon said 'war is over if you want it.' He was three parts showman and four parts visionary.

Now Steve Earle says the war in Vietnam stopped not because he opposed it, but when his Father came to oppose it. And that we can do it again.

Me? My brains are as addled as George Bush in the Texas heat. I'm wishing I could take a nice cool swim down by the Quarry at Tonkawa Falls, but thinking about those water moccasins.

Then I remember. Someone has said that if you go with a crowd, and splash first, you should be all right. The snakes are more afraid of you then you are of them. And anyhow, there may not be any snakes at all - it may just be that locals are telling you that so they can keep the swimming hole for themselves.

So I decide, I will go back into that water.

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- Photos and Video courtesy of Jeremy Hogan -

Unbeknownst to each other, Insomniacathon On-Line! Contributor and Alt-Journalist, Jeremy Hogan was there at Camp Casey. As you've just viewed his Pix and VidClip's in "Deep In The Heart of Crawford" read his experiences at Crawford in his story, “You are a guest … Bush is our neighbor”

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