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Elizabeth Jasper

Limitless endlessness

die again?

in longing

haunt the bardo?

be born

into tauntingly unfamiliar familiarity?

once more live most of a life

searching, searching,

knowing no wholeness?

one lifetime maybe two

most of a third before

you stepped down

from that long ago gone train

held me again


in hours vanished

not even a goodbye kiss


for one deep, wide, Yogic breath

i wasn't crazy



First saw
when he was seven
having his tonsils out
Darkman came
decked out as blackest of villainous cowboys
played, talked
left a gun and cowboy hat on his bed
later, mom came
saw the toys
he said Darkman came
she was panicked
rushed to ask nurses
no one else saw Darkman
but he left his mark and his gifts
“always with me from then on
and when all those folks died
his laughter was deafening.
took him 12 years to get me
where he wanted me
hovering terrified near the ceiling
watching him stab and shoot and stab and shoot and stab and shoot”
how will i explain it wasn’t me?

The Judgement


Poem for a hoped-for stranger

stuck in my office
all alone
not much to do
watching the snow
filter in pretty patches
through giant Sycamore limbs
guarding the courtyard under my window

promised myself i'd think less of you
today, spare some of the longing,
overtakes me daily,
of course, i fail.

mind wanders over your words, touch, my words
feelings so tangible, electric, compelling
though nothing more really
than collected, marshaled, distributed energy.

fantasy begins,
wander with me
read my story
write what comes next
dazzle me
take me once again
over the brink of reality into



Three steps

No creaking rope
Snapping hard
holding weight
No water-soaked cloth
Slashed pant legs
Rubber hood
Light dimming surges
Frying flesh
Just take a deep breath
Sodium thiopental
Vecuronium Bromide
Potassium chloride
You’re dead…
Looking for all the world
Like a patient in a clean orderly intensive care room
And we can feel good that we didn’t hurt you
As much as you hurt others
And if it did hurt, you can’t tell and we don’t care
For we have appointed ourselves



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