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Jeremy Hogan

I am
Standing on a mountain with my dad
military jets flying overhead
the dry grass, can catch fire, fast
rattle snakes hiding, looking for my dog

while John Lennon on a New York sidewalk
like the American dream

the sun is blaring glorious
eagle swooping through the canyons
where many men once stood
washing down the mountain sides
with cleansing water
filled with mercury for the gold
one million years of rocks and soil
taken downstream by fools

it’s a good day for mercury
with the moon this morning
and the red rocks laughing
where maybe lions once passed
and some dinosaurs stood
now there only clouds passing by
looking like Angeles … Los t on a road
I’m taking a freeway to somewhere else
To that nowhere place deep inside
Where graceful voices sing
Songs of redemption

Once my father stood in a land far away
Where tigers and opium were common
Women in silk, carrying grenades

Now we, here stand, on this mountain

Where the road leads to Suburbia
But here we are bums
On this mountain top
Looking for Zen bliss, in a never land
Of an oasis of dreams to return
In rainy thoughts and patterns

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