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Benefit For The Rudyard Kipling, June 3rd with Jim James, Ron & Sarah Elizabeth Whitehead and Special Guests! - Click Here and vist www.therudyardkipling,com!

For over 2 decades The Rudyard Kipling has been the hallmark of alternative entertainment in Louisville and the most gracious host of many an Insomniacathon. On June 3rd, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Ron and Sarah Elizabeth Whitehead played a Benefit for Preservation of The Rudyard Kipling.
The Rudyard Kipling, Insomniacathon 2003, Halloween night! - Click Here To View The Jeremy Hogan and James Walck PhotoBook!

Due to skyrocketing operational costs, Louisville's creative Sons and Daughters have dallied once again to help Ken and Sheila Pyle keep the doors open and the stage alive at this most unique performance venue.

In Ron Whitehead’s words, “The Rudyard Kipling is like Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, only more intimate. There are no barriers between artist and audience." The Rudyard Kipling opened its doors in 1983 and has been an integral part of Louisville music culture for the last 23 years. Spanning genres and generations, The Rudyard Kipling has been a home to many legendaries: David Amram, Wynton Marsalis, My Morning Jacket, Ralph Stanley, The John Cowan Band, James McMurtry,Josh Ritter, to name a few.

Ron Whitehead, Insomniacathon 2003 - Keeping The Flame Alive! - Click Here To View Jeremy Hogan and James Walck The PhotoBook!

In a note written by Ron Whitehead on June 4th, Ron wrote to me:

"The Best concert I've ever had anything to do with. You've got to understand. Since childhood I've attended, performed at, produced, and participated in tens of thousands of concerts round the world. Last night, June 3rd 2007, The Rudyard Kipling Benefit Concert was The Best.

The Best Concert of All Time.

There are many reasons why it was The Best Concert of all time. I'll name a few.

Jim James, Andy Cook and Sarah Elizabeth Whitehead at The Benefit For The Rudyard Kipling, June 3rd! - Phot by Christian Hansen.

Jim James (My Morning Jacket) and Sarah Elizabeth Whitehead are my two favorite singers. They are two of The Best singers songwriters musicians. But there is more. They have a rare necessary element: deep passionate compassionate hearts. They have an innate inherent wisdom that is both ancient and childlike. All those elements birth a charisma that is electrifying.

The energy at The Rud was electric. 4-hour concert. The audience in rapt attention. There is more. The union of male (Jim) and female (Sarah) energy produced a duet unlike any other duet, past or present. Plus. No singers have the courage or ability to go where Jim and Sarah went at the Live at The Rud concert. They covered the spectrum of musical genres: from acappella mountain to oldtime to country to blues to jazz to folk to soul to rock to R&B, from broken hearted spirituals to steamy romance, and more. In one concert Jim and Sarah proved that they are master singers in any genre.

Is Everybody In? A Prayer and Let The Ceremony Begin! - Photo by Christian Hansen.

The audience was mesmerized. Not one person, including the performers, will ever be the same. That includes Carl Broemel (amazing), Andy Cook (brilliant), and me. The night was more than special, it was pure alchemy. We were transformed transported to new realms. Spirit and sex became one energy. The Holy Spirit The Great Spirit moved in us and through us. The Rud was filled with angels with spirits. We heard angels sing, perform. We will never be the same. My heart is open. Tears of joy. Amazing Grace."

Ron Whitehead
June 4, 2007
The Highlands

The Rudyard Kipling, Insomniacathon 2003 - Keeping The Flame Alive! - Click Here To Read,"The Rudyard Kipling: Ken and Sheila Joyce Pyle And Their "Mother Lodge" By Leslie Stewart from The Louisville Music News.

After the Benefit The Pyles wrote:"The beautiful concert on Sunday, June 3rd by Ron Whitehead, Sarah Elizabeth and Jim James was a time of Love and Joy. The Rudyard Kipling is blessed to have artists who give their talents and audiences who support the musicians and this stage. We Thank You and Love You!"

Ken and Sheila Pyle

Insomniacathon 2003! Keeping The Flame Alive! (l-r) Dean McClain, James Walck, Justin, Sarah Elizabeth Whiteheand and David Amram rifle through, "A Shotgun Full Of Jesus!" Click Here To View The Jeremy Hogan And James Walck PhotoBook!

Note From The Editor: My first time to The Rudyard Kipling was for the last Insomniacathon in the Fall of 2003. From the moment I entered the building I knew I was at another great hall of revelation. The ensuing 70hr + non-stop Poetry and Music communion was my antinomian baptism to this jewel of Louisville and came to realize this was truly a pulpit of The Global Literary Renaissance and the camaraderie I found there that wild weekend continues to reverberate and was and continues to be the inspiration for this website, Insomniacathon On-Line! where The Poetry and The Music is 24/7! Here's to the idioms of Inspiration, Illumination, Education and the Perpetuation of a Global Literary Renaissance! Long may The Rudyard Kipling stage rage!

Peace all around! James Walck



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