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David Amram

Celebrating 50+ Years of
Jack Kerouac's On The Road

David Amram "Keeoing The Flame Alive" at HowlFest 2004! - Click Here To Learn More about David Amram and Jack Kerouac! - Phot by Jeremy Hogan..

September 5th 2007 marked the 50th Anniversary of the publishing of Jack Kerouac's "On The Road."

Throughout 2007, events marking this milepost have been going on all over the world. Starting in January, Kerouac’s first musical collaborator, David Amram, has been tirelessly "Chasin' Cool' crisscrossing America bringing his unique perspective and style to audiences across the country.

September 2007 found David bringing his year's travels to a splendorous crescendo in his friend's home town of Lowell, MA to celebrate Kerouac's spirit and legacy and the great American Art form known as Jazz that so intertwined the writings of Kerouac and the genre of literature that was born from them.

Celebrations in NYC

David Amram at The Cornelia Street Cafe! - Click Here For More Info!

Labor Day Special: 50 Years In Greenwich Village

Monday 9/3 - Amram and his quartet perform music he has composed celebrating half a century of collaborations with playwrights, choreographers, authors, poets and musicians from the 50's through today's innovative young artists
Surprise guest poet Jose Pacheco joins Amram and his quartet with Kevin Twigg, drums and glockenspiel, John Dewitt,bass and Adam Amram congas. Actor John Ventimiglia of The Sopranos and other guests will also perform. Amram will read excerpts from his new book Upbeat: Nine Lives of a Musical Cat. At The Cornelia Street Cafe, 8:30 PM.

"Diamonds in the Sidewalks" with David Amram at The Bowery Poetry Club! - Click Here For More Info!

"Diamonds in the Sidewalks" A celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Kerouac/Amram first Jazz/poetry readings ever given in New York in 1957.

Thursday, 9/6 David Amram's quartet, with Kevin Twigg,John DeWitt and Adam Amram are joined by Tim Moran, John Ventimiglia, Adira Amram, Russell Brand, Casey Cyr, Ron Whitehead, Frank Messina, Katinka Klein, Erik Lawrence and Jose Pacheco at The Bowery Poetry Club, 10:00 PM.

David Amram and the Quartet with Jose Pacheco at The BPC! - Click Here to view The PhotoBook!

Insom contributing journalist, Jeremy Hogan was there snapping stills and rolling video. Click Here to view The PhotoBook

John Ventimiglia, Adira Amram and Jose Pacheco - Click Here to view The PhotoBook

And there's some great VidClips Click Here To View John Ventimiglia's "I Think Of Neal", Adira Anram imparts, "On The Roof of America" and Click Here To View Jose Pacheco and his tale of "The Night Charlie Parker Played Tenor at Montmartre Café in Greenwich Village."


Celebrations in Lowell

The Lowell Summer Music Series at Boarding House Park! - Click Here For More Info!


Friday,9/7 Amram brings his quartet to Boarding House Park in Lowell to celebrate the half century of his first public collaborations with Kerouac in 1957. Amram's quartet with Kevin Twigg, John DeWitt and Adam Amram will be joined by special guest, saxophone master Jerry Dodgion and a 4-piece string band called Hot Day at the Zoo. This free program includes some of Kerouac's favorite classics of jazz and world music which he heard while growing up in Lowell. Actor John Ventimiglia of The Sopranos will read excerpts from On the Road with musical accompaniment. Show starts at 7:30 PM.


David Amram with Orchestra New England at The Merrimack Repertory Theatre! - Click Here For More Info!


Sunday 9/9 For the last days of the three month appearance of the original Scroll for Kerouac's On the Road in Lowell, Amram's quartet joins Orchestra New England conducted by Kaye Roberts. Flutist Fenwick Smith, of the Boston Symphony, will be soloist in Amram's flute concerto "Giants of the Night", commissioned and premiered by Sir James Galway. The second movement of the concerto contains two French Canadian folk songs which Kerouac learned as a child in Lowell. The orchestra will also perform Amram's "En Memoria de Chano Pozo" for Jazz Trio and Orchestra and Two Settings from On the Road for Narrator and String Orchestra. Amram will also be a soloist in Duke Ellington' orchestral work Three Black Kings. At the Merrimack Repertory Theatre,4 PM, tickets $15.

Click Here To Read John Grady's recount of these events in Lowell at

Click Here To Read John Grady's recount of these events in Lowell at The Wire.

Foe More of what's happening in Lowell, visit

Lowell Celebrates Kerouac!


then on a plane back to New York's Randall's Island for Finale at Farm-Aid 2007!

David Amram with Willie Nelson at past Farm-Aid. - Click Here for More Info on Farm-Aid 2007!


Sunday, 9/9 Amram catches a plane from Boston to New York directly after Lowell afternoon concert in time to play finale at Farm Aid concert at Randall's Island with Willie Nelson, David's 15th performance at Farm-Aid.

Click Here To Learn More about The London International Poetry and Song Festival - LIPS II - 2007!
News & Of Note - The Journey Goes On - Celebrating 50 Years ofJack Kerouac's On The Road - November finds David Amram in London, England from the 10th thru the 12th for the 2nd London International Poetry And Song Festival (LIPS II) continuing the celebration of Kerouac's spirit and legacy. Click Here For More Info on David's On The Road Celebration in London for LIPS II!

Jack's Last Call: Say Goodbye to Kerouac - Audio Play adaptation of the Patrick Fenton Stage Play "Kerouac's Last Call."

News, New & Of Note - Jack's Last Call: Say Goodbye to Kerouac - A AudioPlay adaptation of Kerouac's Last Call has been produced by award winning audio dramatist Sue Zizza and playwright Patrick Fenton specially for audio and the public radio audience. Directed by Sue Zizza the AudioPlay stars Tony Award winning actor, Len Cariou as The Reporter (The voice of the narrator) Drew Keil as Jack Kerouac and features music by Jazz composer, original Kerouac collaborator,
David Amram.

Upcoming Events!

The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. called her "the Queen of American Folk Music" One of the most celebrated figures in music, singer, songstress and Civil Rights champion, Odetta. - Click Here To Learn More About this true American treasure.

Of Note! - A Celebration of An American Voice - On February 24th, Family, Friends, Artists and keepers of The Flame will gather to celebrate in Words and Song the LifeLoveWork of singer, songwriter and social activist, Odetta at Riverside Church in NYC at 7 PM. This celebration is free and open to the public with doors opening at 6 PM. Scheduled to lend Heart, Mind and Soul in song and word are David Amram, Maya Angelou, Harry Belafonte, Oscar Brand, Tom Chapin, Guy Davis, Ruby Dee, Emory Joseph, Wavy Gravy, Geoffrey Holder, The Holmes Bros., Marie Knight, Maria Muldaur, Bernice Reagon, Sonia Sanchez, Pete Seeger, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Josh White, Jr., Peter Yarrow along with more special guests YTBA

Memorial Celebration for Odetta
The orginal Progressive FM Radio station WBAI FM 99.5 will be broadcasting Live from Riverside Church at 7 PM (EST) and streaming Live on the Web! Click Here To Listen Live!
Live! on WBAI 99.5 FM -

New & Of Note! - The orginal Progressive FM Radio station WBAI FM 99.5 will be broadcasting Live from Riverside Church at 7 PM (EST) and streaming Live on the Web! Click Here To Listen Live!

David Anram In Denver - August 22nd through the 30th finds David in the Mile High city as Composer In Residence for the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

News, New & Of Note! - Poll Pop, Be-Bop On The Mountaintop! David Anram In Denver -
August 22nd through the 30th finds David in the Mile High city as Composer In Residence for the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Sponsored by the Democratic National Convention, The Denver Public Library, The Nation and Rocky Mountain PBS David has created an original musical program to be performed at the Convention Center (August 24th, 5-7 PM).

The Colorado Children’s Chorale  - Click Here To Learn More about this most talented group!

Titled, Outside of Convention: From Fannie Lou Hamer to Barack Obama, How the Civil Rights Movement Changed American Politics, it will premier the new song, "I Am", a song about the political and social legacy of the Reverend Jesse Jackson written for (and to be performed with) the Colorado Children's Chorale.

David Amram & Quartet appear Live on KUVO FM on August 25th at 4 PM MDT (6 PM EDT) Click Here To Listen Live on The Web!

During David's week long dive into Denver he'll be performing with his Denver-Based Quartet on August 25th, 4 PM at Dazzle in a Special Benefit for KUVO and WW0Z. (6 PM EDT) Click Here To Listen Live on The Web! Also on August 25th, 9 PM David appears as a guest artist with Tony Black's Quartet at El Chapultepec Jazz Club .Check Back Here Often for more dates to be added while David is in Denver!.

The Celebration goes On!

Check Back For More 50+ Years of Jack Kerouac's On The Road Celebration Dates!



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Jack's Last Call: Say Goodbye to Kerouac - AudioPlay adaptation of the Patrick Fenton play "Kerouac's Last Call" - Click Here to Learn More, Link and Listen to Jack's Last Call: Say Goodbye to Kerouac!

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Frank Messina and Dave Amram perform the Kerouac classic at Insomniacathon 2003

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Ron Whitehead re-vamps with this one at Howlfest 2004!

Messina and Amram at Insomniacathon 96'  -  New Orleans

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Philip Lamantia, one of the four members of "The Jazz/Poetry Trio" (Lamantia, Jack Kerouac, Howard Hart and David Amram) passed on March 7th. His friend and fellow Trio member, David Amram, looks back fondly with his reflect . . . Click Here to Read. " FOR PHILIP LAMANTIA."

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