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Astrologick Weekly Forecast Report
December 28, 2007 -January 3, 2008

2008: Forcing the Issues

One year ends and another begins as the temporal odometer rolls over to 2008, marking what appears to be a decisive year in terms of the survival of the planet which sustains us all. Lacking the space here to elaborate on the specific details of what we might expect, there are a number of major astrological events suggesting that we’re moving into damage control mode. The environment, the economy, energy, senseless wars, ideological extremism, the erosion of constitutional rights and increasing levels of imbalance, inequities and intolerance are issues that can no longer be put off. The broader astrological markers unfolding over the coming year imply that some, if not all of these issues will reach a crisis point, which seems to be the only thing that will get us to actually do something about them. Film at eleven.

Martian New Year

We’re still in a rather busy period of geocosmic activity with retrograde Mars making its way across the sensitive solstice point (the first degree of Cancer) this weekend before backing over the cusp into Gemini on Monday where it will remain until March. Emotional forms of anger (Mars in Cancer) will shift into mental and verbal forms of expression (Mars in Gemini). Saber rattling, provocative pronouncements and tongue-lashings can be expected, particularly at the end of January and the beginning of February when Mars stations direct – increasing its symbolic potency.

On January 2, Mars forms an extremely volatile alignment as it moves opposite Pluto, poised at the final degree of Sagittarius. Here we often see powerful releases of suppressed energy or anger which can be as scary as it is cathartic. This may take the form of extreme violence and terrorism, natural and manmade disasters as well as dark and secretive power maneuvers. With Mars retrograde, such manifestations may or may not be immediately evident – if we don’t see it this week, we probably will in March when these two planets move opposite one another for the third and final time. The Mars-Pluto opposition is embedded in the 2008 New Year chart suggesting a continuation of extremes over the course of the coming year.

New Year Resolve

Are you making New Year’s resolutions? Considering the fact that the Moon will be in its closing, Last Quarter Phase as we enter 2008 – the focus is on closure, not new beginnings. Successful New Year’s resolutions are more likely to involve endings: breaking a bad habit, cutting down, clearing out or completing any unfinished business. You’re far more likely to achieve these types of resolutions in 2008 than you are starting off on a completely different path.

The Week of Christmas Past

The days surrounding Christmas were quiet for many people, but for others, an overly-stimulated Mars left a mark on the holiday in the way of hassles, accidents and tragedies.

Assuming you read the headlines, I don’t need to detail the assassination of Benazar Bhutto, the escaped man-eating tiger, a suspension bridge collapse in Nepal (during a Full Moon celebration!), deadly landslides on Java or major winter storms, all of which reflected Mars in conjunction with the Full Moon while opposite the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter.

More comically ironic than tragic, a news story that perfectly illustrated the negative default of Mars (anger, violence) opposite (conflicting) Jupiter (religion, ideology) took place at the birthplace of the Prince of Peace. During the annual cleansing of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Greek Orthodox and Armenian priests began to dispute how the cleaning would be done. Angry words led to blows as bearded, robed priests laid into each other with fists, brooms and iron rods for a quarter of an hour – at the very heart of Christendom, no less!

Lunar Gardening Report

Overall, this is a rather unfavorable time for planting or transplanting with the Moon in semi-barren Virgo Friday through Sunday, followed by the Moon entering its Last Quarter Phase for the remainder of the week. Otherwise, fertilizing and soil cultivation are favored beginning Monday. For those of you who purchased living Christmas pines that will need to go in the ground as soon as possible, this would be a good time to acclimatize them while looking to dates on or following the Capricorn New Moon: January 8 is ideal, the next best will be January 12-13.

Daily Forecast (For all signs)
(Times are Eastern/-0500 UTC)

Friday, Dec. 28: With the Virgo Moon joined with Saturn this afternoon, you might find yourself having to deal with obstacles, delays or impasses. Try to avoid editing others or dispensing unhelpful criticism as this will only make matters worse.

Saturday, Dec. 29: The daytime hours show skies free of alignments under the Virgo Moon. Cleaning, sorting and organizing are favored through most of the day while the evening hours see a lively and potentially innovative alignment that can help us think outside of the box (Mercury sextile Uranus).

Sunday, Dec. 30: With the Moon moving into Libra this morning, the next couple days are excellent for spending quality time with your partner or a close friend. Even so, the day could get off on a serious note that speaks of a quiet and subdued sense of stability, maturity and grace (Sun trine Saturn). This alignment is ideal for interactions with people older than you. Venus exits passionate Scorpio for the more adventurous sign of Sagittarius this afternoon for about a month. Outdoor recreation and indoor games are favored with Venus in Sag. Interactions with the opposite sex could provide some uneasy moments after sunset, perhaps asking us to find some way to work things out (Venus quincunx Mars).

Monday, Dec. 31: On this last day of 2007, the Moon enters its closing Fourth Quarter Phase – marking a one-week period of endings and closure on some level. Retrograde Mars backs-out of Cancer and into Gemini, a sign it already visited back in August and September. Watch for exchanges of angry words, saber-rattling and aggressive drivers through the months of January and February. As if to underscore this theme, there is a slight potential for an argument to erupt tonight, but then quickly subside as we approach the magic moment of midnight.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008: New Year’s Day appears quiet on the surface of things with the cooperative Libra Moon holding court until later tonight. Energy levels get a small boost in the early evening which could then translate into a passionate emotional response when the Moon enters Scorpio at 8:30 p.m. There is also some possibility that tomorrow’s Mars-Pluto opposition is leaking into today.

Wednesday, Jan. 2: Deep-seated emotions could be flushed-up to the surface with the Moon moving through Scorpio. At the same time, the two rulers of Scorpio – Mars and Pluto – form the second of three oppositions to one another, suggesting extreme events taking place on personal and collective levels of expression. Violence, terrorism, kidnappings, manipulations, covert activities, natural and manmade disasters often coincide with stressful Mars-Pluto alignments.

Thursday, Jan. 3: Aside from any fallout from the last two days, there is little to report other than the Scorpio Moon lending a more brooding emotional tone to the day. Spaced-out mindsets, confusion and oversights are possible in the early afternoon while communication may improve going into the evening hours.


Gary Paul Glynn is a professional astrologer with over 26 years experience in both mundane and personal astrology and is available for consultation by appointment. He can be reached by phone at (812) 333-1346 or e-mail him.




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