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The Wesak Moon

The Wesak Full Moon - Astrologick at Insomniacathon On-Line's Gary Paul Glynn has a wonderful illumanae on the Festival of Wesak, Click Here and bathe in the glow of the story/meaning of The Wesak Moon .

On Saturday morning, two minutes past midnight, the Moon becomes Full in Scorpio as it moves opposite the Sun in Taurus, marking the Festival of Wesak. What makes this Full Moon unique is its deep spiritual symbolism, celebrating the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha, invoking the Buddha-nature of humanity. More than a religious observation or new age gimmick, the Wesak Full Moon is an annual event of profound spiritual significance that goes far beyond one’s personal affiliations and beliefs.

The significance of the Wesak Moon centers on a time when an unusual amount of spiritual energy is released into the material plane along with the increased receptivity among individuals seeking enlightenment and an end to suffering. This weekend favors meditation and contemplation, whether alone or among groups of like-minded individuals, preferably at the exact time of the Full Moon (see Lunar Observer for local times). If the Full Moon falls at an inconvenient time in your location, the energy will remain strong 12 hours before and after the Full Moon reaches exactitude.

The Wesak Full Moon, falling across the Taurus/Scorpio axis, presents us with a seeming contradiction in that these two signs represent materialism in the way of assets (Taurus) and debts (Scorpio) whereas Wesak speaks of non-tangible, spiritual wealth and the spirit of selflessness. Yet, these two themes aren’t wholly incompatible as they represent a brief union of the spiritual and material world, infusing and expanding planetary consciousness. As you might imagine, this event only holds immediate significance for those who are receptive to an influx of spiritual illumination; otherwise, this event will come and go without fanfare. The Wesak Full Moon should therefore be seen more as an opportunity than an event.

Wesak’s timing this year is also impeccable as it unfolds in the midst of a number of notable geocosmic movements occurring during the month of May. In addition to the Full Wesak Moon pointing to a time of spiritual insight and upliftment, we’re also in the midst of Mercury retrograde – a time associated with contemplation and mental rewiring. Saturn begins to station ahead of tuning direct next week, representing structure and solidification while the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune focuses on healing the collective wounds of separation that hold us back from a state of grace. Taken together, this is an incredible time for visualizing alternatives in order to move them closer to actualities.

The mundane expression of the Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon illuminates the polarity between assets and debts, of physical ownership and the psychological force of desire. Taurus’ mundane definition includes talents, abilities, possessions and physical assets. Scorpio has a strong association with the power of wealth (or lack thereof) as well as utilizing the talents and resources of others through cooperation, manipulation or coercion. That amorphous entity called The Economy is likely to be front and center of the news cycle this weekend.

Personal orientations to the Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon involve the notion of balance between asset and debt as well as how the subject of money bleeds into other areas of our lives. Stubborn attitudes, inability to compromise and a fondness of spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need could point to deeper psychological forces at work that have little or nothing to do with money. These themes are suggested points of focus if you choose to enter into a more receptive, reflective and contemplative mode this weekend. As Scorpio is also representative of intense emotions, a centered state of being can be helpful in maintaining strength and stability in the face of overwhelming emotional surges.

Of Tricksters and Thieves

Now that Mercury is retrograde through May 31, we’re apt to find the next several weeks an interesting time as the communication thing operates outside of our usual expectations. This is when Mercury’s alter-ego, Hermes emerges as the god of tricks and lies, thieves and travelers, commerce and communication – when everything that moves, flows and interacts grows strange. Any of these themes are up for grabs through the rest of the month as we deal with confounded assumptions and loss of faith in structures that typically offer a modicum of security.

It will be interesting to see how Mercury’s flow shifts when it retrogrades back into Taurus on Wednesday until mid-June, particularly where finance is concerned. Major initiatives involving money made while Mercury is retrograde in Taurus are likely to come to naught, or be seen for what they are – deceptive slight-of-hand tricks. Things are certainly not what they seem and it behooves us to expect outcomes that are just the opposite of what we would ordinarily expect.



Want more Cosmic Connectivity? Be sure to visit Gary Paul Glynn's new WebLog .

Gary Paul Glynn
is a professional astrologer with over 26 years experience in both mundane and personal astrology and is available for consultation by appointment. He can be reached by phone at (812) 333-1346 or e-mail him.




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