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Astrologick Weekly Forecast Report
July 17 - 23, 2009

The Perigean Tide

The Moon swallows the Sun and day turns to night over distant cities with exotic-sounding names: Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Hangzhou and Shanghai where millions of people swarm into the streets, banging pots and lighting strings of firecrackers while cloistered Buddhist monks chant a low, droning chorus, invoking the deities of protection and mercy.

On Tuesday evening, July 21, the New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse reaches totality at the final degree of Cancer (29Can27), resulting in the longest solar eclipse of the 21st Century, clocking-in at 6 minutes, 37 seconds. Its “Longest Eclipse” status is due to the Moon making its closest orbital approach to the Earth (perigee) just six hours ahead of the Moon’s passage across the face of the Sun. In other words, a closer, larger-appearing Moon blanks-out the solar disc longer than a farther, smaller-appearing Moon does. The length of the eclipse also amplifies the potency associated with this particular event.

The perigee Moon combined within the Earth-Moon-Sun syzygy will produce substantial tidal pull; a Class-A “super-moon” configuration coinciding with a spate of natural and manmade disasters or mundane events upsetting the natural order of things. Geophysical extremes will be global in scope but the path of totality falls largely in southern China and Indonesia – a region where earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, monsoons and misery are already regarded as routine. Considering that the Eclipse also falls in the water sign of Cancer, flooding could be a problem almost anywhere in the world due to copious rainfall and freak weather systems all this week.

Harbinger of Change

There are numerous layers of interpretation with regard to the symbolic side of the Eclipse that goes beyond the narrow time corridor of the event itself. In simple terms, a solar eclipse is a jacked-up version of a New Moon – the end of one solar-lunar cycle and commence of another. In this particular case, the New Moon Eclipse falls at the final degree of Cancer, what’s known as an “Anaretic Degree” that often represents “fated” events.

I’m inclined to think that the upcoming Solar Eclipse will be a game changer, either by way of a Significant Event or a mere trifle that sets something huge into motion. This also doesn’t mean that something bad always happens during solar eclipse windows. A case in point: Nelson Mandela was sworn in as President of South African in May 1994 during a powerful solar eclipse, effectively bring white rule to an end in that country. Game changer, yes, but only a minority found it to be a disaster.

Solar Eclipses are known to represent the Past (Moon) temporarily overriding the Future (Sun) and slowing forward momentum. This eclipse falls very close to the Moon’s South Node – a point representing past karma and the path of least resistance. Chances are good that we’ll be seeing the Past play a major role in the coming days, weeks and months. August and October could see many of the same themes that emerge at this eclipse reach full expression, particularly with regard to values and engagements.

On a political level, the eclipse is likely to find greater focus on finance with further job cuts, a weakening dollar or perhaps a body-blow that could knock the wind out of financial markets. The reason for the gloom can be traced to Venus’ square aspect to Saturn, both sitting on angles in the eclipse chart set for Washington. Not a confidence booster to be sure as this is a contact that often coincides with pessimistic attitudes, sad news, blockage, vindictiveness and broken hearts. The eclipse falling in the 5th house indicates the consequences of excessive risk-taking in the past…can you say “derivatives?”

The Eclipse and You

It seems likely that everyone on planet Earth will be in some way affected by this eclipse. Some individuals won’t notice a thing, while others could be grappling with change, even to an extreme degree. The eclipse falling in late Cancer points to greater emotional sensitivity, with some people feeling moody if not a little touchy in the days that surround the eclipse. Leave these folks alone while casting your glance inward to see what, if anything, is being kicked-up.

The Cancer New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse is also likely to have an impact on individuals that were born on the last day of any sign, more noticeably among those with the Sun (or planets) located at last degree of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aries. The specific forms that could manifest depends on the planets, signs, and houses being affected by the eclipse, although the over-riding theme here involves leaving the past behind and stepping into the future. The best way to consciously move with this high cosmic tide is by way of clearly formulated intentions.

If you’re looking for a powerful time to release the past and invoke the future, look to the 30-minutes before and after the exact time of the eclipse. The 30 minutes before the eclipse represents the past drawing to a close; the 30 minutes that follow the exact moment of the eclipse symbolizes a door opening to the future. Setting your intentions down in clear, unambiguous terms could yield miraculous results down the road, but if you can’t execute your clear intentions during the one-hour window surrounding the New Moon Eclipse, wait until Thursday and try again.

* The exact time of the New Moon Eclipse is at 10:35 p.m. (Eastern). If you live in another time zone, Click Here and use the Lunar Observer to determine the exact time for your area.

Lunar Gardening Report

Not much in the way of favorable gardening days in the forecast, especially with the Moon in deep closure mode ahead of Tuesday night’s New Moon Eclipse, consolidating energy before opening a powerful new growing cycle next week. Friday is good for fertilizing and soil cultivation under the Taurus Moon while Saturday and Sunday are good for pulling weeds and harvesting the fruits of your labors with the Moon in Gemini. Monday and Tuesday show the darkened Moon in Cancer and the Supermoon Eclipse when the Moon reaches perigee (closest orbital approach to the Earth). Although Cancer is considered the most fertile sign of the zodiac, the potential for bioenergetic overload is strong, so it would be best to let your garden roll with the lunar tide without interference. The fiery Leo Moon takes command on Wednesday and Thursday, favoring weed and pest control as well turning compost, but not fertilizing or planting. The next best dates to plant or fertilize won’t appear again until Sunday when the Moon enters Libra and flowering annuals come to mind.

* A Note About Lunar Time - The times given here are based on Eastern Daylight Time. To determine the exact time that the Moon enters and exits a given sign in your time zone, Click Here and use the Lunar Observer.

Daily Forecast (For all signs)
(Times are Eastern Daylight/-0400 UTC)

Friday, July 17: Lots of small stuff adding up to a big deal throughout the day. Misunderstandings, confusions and the feeling of being a little “off” could muddle things this afternoon, clarity returns tonight. Mercury spends most of the day moving across the final degree of Cancer before entering Leo at 7:08 p.m. – the same degree on which Tuesday’s solar eclipse falls. A sneak preview of what lies ahead, perhaps? Mercury in Leo suggests two weeks of creative, heart-felt words and not a little drama broadcasting from the media big top.

Saturday, July 18: Early risers get an unexpected energy surge first thing this morning, looking for an outlet. Channeling your energy into constructive projects will prevent the energy spike from turning into a battle of words later this morning when challenges are thrown in your path. The remainder of the day shows a potentially exhilarating Sun-Uranus contact that favors independent initiatives and self-directed activities over joint or group projects. Eccentricities, synchronicities, discoveries, breakthroughs, revelations and revolutions are common expressions of this aspect. Passion strikes at the stroke of Midnight.

Sunday, July 19: If you rise before sunrise and look low to a clear eastern sky, you’ll see the waning Crescent Moon in close approximation to Venus with Mars and Aldebaran close-by. Here the Gemini Moon is in deep closure mode ahead of Tuesday’s New Moon Eclipse, signaling the need for completion and consolidation over the next two days. A sudden change could take you by surprise around 6:00 p.m. while it would be good to avoid making any firm agreements or decisions after this time.

Monday, July 20: Feeling a little touchy today? The darkened Cancer Moon approaching the eclipse location could be pushing old emotional material to the surface in the guise of parents, family and security issues. Lively conversations and dramatic news stories are possible today as well, fueled by the impending eclipse.

Tuesday, July 21: A certain heaviness could leave you feeling emotionally distant while feelings of unworthiness mingle with money woes during the morning hours (Venus square Saturn). Relationships already showing strain might also register this alignment as a precursor to tonight’s main event. The Cancer New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse becomes exact at 10:35 p.m. at the last degree of Cancer (29Can27), opening a potent new cycle that will extend for months to come. Be aware of what you’re doing, thinking or setting into motion at the time of the eclipse. More on this event can be found in the introduction above.

Wednesday, July 22: With the freshly-hatched New Moon now moving through Leo, attitudes improve while there may be plenty of residual drama in the wake of yesterday’s game-changer. Avoid major new initiatives and projects until tomorrow. Issues involving health care and finance are strong in the bigger picture of politics and policy while closer to home, healing modalities are amplified and effective (Jupiter conjunct Chiron). The Sun follows the Moon across the cusp into Leo for a 30-day transit, emphasizing creativity, playfulness, risk-taking and generosity. Happy Birthday, Leos!

Thursday, July 23: Although we’ve yet to completely clear the eclipse window, things are somewhat quieter in the heavens than in recent days. Interactions with others might reveal idealistic or even delusional approaches while there’s room for seeing beyond the obvious. Don’t step in it with the Leo Moon VOC between 2:56 and 4:28 p.m. A minor clash of wills are possible tonight with little chance of resolving different points of view – agree to disagree and move on to the stuff that does work (Sun quincunx Pluto).


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