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Astrologick at Insomniacathon!

The astrology column below originated during the winter of 1993 as a feature in the pages of a popular weekly publication. The main purpose for writing it was to offer intelligent people another look at astrology, one that utilizes the planets and signs in the way they were meant to be understood, not just fortune cookies. Although the publication went under six years ago, Astrologick lives on as a weekly email forecast report – until now.

What I attempt each week in this column is to read what the motions of the planets against the backdrop of the signs might mean down below. Some of these predictions are based on historical examples of events coincidental with planetary alignments that are known and repeatable.

This brings us to another point – the planets don’t cause anything to happen. The planets don’t exert a strange form of electromagnetic gravity that influences events or behaviors. The connection between astrological signatures in the heavens and physical events on Earth is merely coincidental, yet repeatable enough to be seen as synchronistic. I look at the planets and their relationships to one another as cosmic metaphors that hint at the implicate order, not solid truth.

In fact, the predictions extracted from these metaphors are really nothing more than educated guesses based on how previous astrological phenomena have coincided with events on the ground. This is to say they aren’t always correct. Astrological forecasts therefore should be taken with the same amount of salt as one gives to a long-range weather forecast – a grain or two.

The recommended way to read these forecasts is after the fact. Unless you need to navigate the future (signing a contract, planning a party or proposing marriage), wait until after the forecast day has passed, that way you’re less likely to be unduly influenced and can more objectively see whether it holds any weight or not.

Most importantly, this weekly forecast is meant to be entertaining and hopefully educational. Please don’t take these predictions too literally
as I’m no more able to predict the future than you are, I’m just more willing to give it a shot.

Finally, I would like to extend my thanks to Jim Walck for inviting me to present Astrologick in the company of so many gifted writers and observers.


Astrologick Weekly Forecast Report
November 9-15, 2007
By Gary Paul Glynn

New Moon, New Cycle

The darkness becomes nearly profound as the Moon joins the Sun in the heart of Scorpio, bringing ponderous feelings and passionate intensity to bear on even our most mundane experiences. Making logical sense of these experiences is difficult at best, considering that the New Moon forms a 90-degree (square) alignment to nebulous Neptune.

The Scorpio New Moon takes place on Friday, November 9 at 6:03 p.m. (17Sco10), ushering-in a one-month period of deep change and emotional awareness on a personal level of experience. Repressed emotions and bottled-up sexuality may be bubbling close to the surface, which in turn could leave you feeling uncomfortable, vulnerable or even fearful, especially if you allow yourself to get swept-up in the emotional whirlwind generated by other people. By grounding yourself in a calm center, you’ll have a stronger sense of creativity, control and self-confidence in the face of any challenges you encounter.

The Neptune factor will probably have us fogged-in over the weekend, suggesting the need to avoid major movements requiring clear, unambiguous reasoning skills. Your imagination can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Relax and enjoy your weekend without feeling the need to make anything happen.

Collectively, the picture is a little darker as we’re seeing growing distress in economic circles in the way of a collapsing dollar, foreclosures, imploding banks, sky-rocketing debt and inflation. Scorpio’s strong symbolic connection with debt and resources plays into the picture here. At the time of this writing, the price of oil is nearing $100 a barrel while gas prices in California are touching $5.00 a gallon. With the Scorpio New Moon in square to Neptune, oil, gas and drugs are squarely in the cross-hairs between now and the Full Moon of November 24. This could also coincide with a major deception being hatched.

Another factor layered onto the New Moon concerns a growing restlessness that could translate into anger or frustration over things not moving fast enough for our liking with Mars hovering in the heavens before turning retrograde on Thursday.

Energy Inversion

At the end of the week, Mars becomes stationary retrograde, this time in the water sign of Cancer where we might be seeing emotions reach a boiling-point. Mars retrograde can often correspond with a slow-down of some sort, as the principles of action, reaction, motivation, behavior and physical movement fall under the auspices of Mars.

When Mars is retrograde, outwardly-directed actions are often slowed, if not blocked in some way. The point of Mars retrograde is to give us a time-out, a chance to more closely examine our motives, methods and behaviors. Projects and plans can go ahead as planned, but be prepared for time – and perhaps cost – overruns. Mars turns stationary retrograde in Cancer on Thursday, November 15 (12Can27) and remains retrograde until January 30 (24Gem04).

Things one should avoid during Mars retrograde include over-exerting oneself; under-estimating how long a project will take to complete; pushing the flow; implementing hastily-planned projects resulting in waste, and starting fights that no one will win. Instead, use Mars retrograde to be more mindful of your actions and behaviors while observing the outcome of actions already taken. Mars retrograde in Cancer could also have an impact on issues pertaining to home and family, making for some eventful holiday gatherings.

Collectively, the next ten-weeks may have us placing greater attention on military matters in the way of ongoing conflicts and those poised to become conflicts. Most people would agree that an air-strike against Iran would be insanity, but to astrologers, launching a military offensive when the God of War is retrograding (impotent) would not only be insane, it would insure defeat. Let’s not go there.

It’s entirely possible that Mars retrograde in Cancer will add to a collective sense of anger and frustration as Cancer is more concerned with domestic issues and security than it is with foreign policy. There is also some possibility that a natural disaster or economic crisis forces the U.S. to make a choice on where it will direct its energy and resources – at home or abroad.

Lunar Gardening Report

Planting, transplanting and fertilizing is favored on Saturday with the New Moon in Scorpio. Sunday and Monday are good for cleaning-out beds, destroying weeds and controlling pests under the fiery Sagittarius Moon. Tuesday through Thursday are good days to plant bulbs, shrubs and trees as anything needing strong root development is favored under the Capricorn Moon.

Daily Forecast (For all signs)
(Times are Eastern/-0400 UTC)

Friday, Nov. 9: Energy levels appear high this morning and early afternoon, but it would be best to wait until Monday to tackle new business. The Scorpio New Moon takes place at 6:03 p.m. (17Sco10), opening a new cycle focusing on things hidden in plain sight that will
become more apparent over the next two weeks. With the New Moon in square to Neptune, there is an element of unreality or deception to much of what we’re seeing (or not seeing) at this time.

Saturday, Nov. 10: Avoid carving anything in stone with the Scorpio Moon void-of-course (VOC) until 8:00 p.m. It’s likely that something
purchased today will never be used more than once. Things lighten-up tonight under an upbeat Sagittarius Moon; a good night to spend with
your partner or closest friends.

Sunday, Nov. 11: Communication and thinking may become more focused over the next three weeks with Mercury reentering Scorpio, but probably not today. Confusion, deception, vulnerability, paranoia or hyper-idealism is indicated (Sun-Neptune). Non-linear activities involving music, movies and naps are suggested activities.

Monday, Nov. 12: The Sagittarius Moon makes a string of favorable alignments throughout the day, leaving some people feeling more optimistic and expansive than is usual for a Monday. If you placed any new business on hold this past Friday, today is a good day to put it in motion. If you do, keep in mind that Mars retrograde on Thursday could slow new projects down considerably. Get outside and watch the Moon pass close to Jupiter after sunset tonight.

Tuesday, Nov. 13: A practical and ambitious approach to business is indicated with the Moon now moving through Capricorn. Communication takes on a more solid footing this afternoon while tonight we may find ourselves conflicting and/or compromising over shared activities with partners.

Wednesday, Nov. 14: You may become the target of someone else’s anger first thing this morning, don’t let it throw you. Mars is stationary
before turning retrograde tomorrow; a number of people may appear frustrated, angry or anguished over something. With the Moon VOC for most of the day tomorrow, it would be wise to put important deals into motion today if you can.

Thursday, Nov. 15: The Capricorn Moon will be VOC today until 6:30 p.m., citing a hazard for important agreements or decisions. Mars turns stationary retrograde in Cancer (12Can27), putting a drag on outwardly-directed initiatives while forcing an examination of motives
behind actions and behaviors. Uncomfortable family dynamics may trouble the holidays as Mars will remain retrograde until January 30, 2008.


Gary Paul Glynn is a professional astrologer with over 26 years experience in both mundane and personal astrology and is available for consultation by appointment. He can be reached by phone at (812) 333-1346. Also check-out Gary’s bi-monthly AstroReport at

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