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Jeremy Hogan

“You are a guest … Bush is our neighbor”

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I meet a Native-American man on the road as a biker passes. Flags are on the mirrors of the bike rolling away. The rider is white, middle aged with gray hair.

The Native-American gives me that look like he’s been out in the forest for 40 days and I am the first person he’s seen. He looks like he needs help.

“He just called me a fucking traitor,” the Indian says to me.

“I find this very strange … if I remember correctly the Indians were here before the Europeans.” First we smile. Then we laugh.

Ignorant fucks. Don’t they know the real history of our free nation … well I guess they don’t teach that in the schools?

The real history of this America includes genocide of the Native-Americans. But why do I care? Because I AM part Native-American … so I better know. And, I’ll tell you sometime about the legacy of a once free people who can’t own land and about generations of alcoholism and poverty.

But now I am passing ranches and 4X4s and signs that support Bush. I pass the 2000 crosses out near the entrance to Bush’s ranch. Those are people who died because of his decision to invade Iraq and he won’t meet one more time with the mother of one of them to tell her why he started this war? What is a human life worth? I’d say at least 5 minutes of his time. If he disagrees with her why not tell her to her face?

They say on the radio there is a Hurricane coming … they say Bush is watching.

He better.


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Unbeknownst to each other, New York poet, writer, George Wallace, was also at Camp Casey for weekend Three. Click Here to read his experiences in his story, "Deep In The Heart of Crawford." -- - Pix and Clips by Jeremy Hogan -


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