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Jeremy Hogan

“You are a guest … Bush is our neighbor”

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Some parents of the dead in the Iraq War want the crosses representing their kids taken down. They disagree with Cindy. And if they can they’ll take the crosses that line the road near Camp Casey I and II. And the Sheriffs, who don’t agree with Cindy either, will stop them. They are heroes here. Word is they don’t get overtime and they are working long hours. But they are friendly.

I ask one if Bush called up the Sheriff’s department and told them to protect free speech.

“No. We’ve got a job to do. To keep the peace,” he says.

This is no longer a woman in a ditch … this is now a movement. But September 24 is less than a month away and we’ll see. On September 24 there will be an anti-war protest in Washington D.C. which has the potential to be massive. One September 26 there will be “non-violent direct action” and civil disobedience across the nation’s capitol. I predict it will be violent when the police start busting heads.

Later in the evening Martin Sheen shows up and again I find myself fighting the bloggers and other media to access to what is a bad photo opp of Cindy and Martin holding a sign. Bullshit … I came to Texas for this. I say again fuck this. And I sit down.

Later in the evening I end up in McGregor, Texas, a town six miles south of Crawford. Alaska Gyrl says I can take a shower in her hotel room, which I can’t turn down. Then, in the hotel lobby I meet Kathleen Rumpf … who Martin Sheen said is one of his heroes.

There are no press handlers either and Rumpf is the real deal as much as Cindy Sheehan who has become the center of all this. And this is what the right is complaining about … they say Cindy’s movement has been hijacked by other causes. But I don’t see it that way. These people came to support Cindy just like the right has come to support their point of view at “camp reality” across the road from Camp Casey I and at the Yellow Rose in downtown Crawford.

Rumpf said she just got out of prison for her part in activities protesting the School of the Americas. She said she spent a lot of time in solitary confinement because the government classified her as a terrorist. She said she also helped expose torture in the jails of America. It makes sense, a man in Bloomington, Indiana was killed by a Taser at the county jail and another was tased 19 times after he was taken in custody for a fist fight …he’s suing.

But before today I’d never heard of her before. She looks like she could be a nun, I mean she’s middle aged and her demeanor is very non-threatening. She’s definitely clear minded. And I’ve met some crazy people in my time. She looks over my shoulders at the photographs I’ve been making which I am editing on a laptop. And it’s getting late, I’ve missed my chance for a shower. But she graciously offers me hers and a place to sleep on the floor of her room. Later, I did a little research and here is what I discover.

In 1997 Kathleen Rumpf and several others were arrested for prying the letters off Ft. Benning’s main entrance sign. A stencil and paint was used to create a new name: "Home of School of Americas/School of Shame" and "SOA=torture".

We celebrate the Boston Tea Party … but someone who protests the School of the Americas is a terrorist. Now I wouldn’t personally do what Rumpf did …but the irony here is not missed.



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